Pastor Jon grew up with a heart for music. Through a difficult time when his father passed away at age eleven, Pastor Jon began playing guitar and music became his way of expressing himself. Years later, when he encountered God, he gave his love of music over to Jesus and started using his talents to bless the Lord. When he began leading worship for smaller ministries in 2009, the Holy Spirit began teaching him how to draw people into God’s presence through worship music. Knowing the endless depths of healing and transformation that happens in God’s presence, Pastor Jon’s desire is to see lives changed when God appears in the praises of His people.

Kelly was born with a paint brush in one hand and a pallet of color in the other. Her parents immediately noticed how well Kelly could paint at a young age and nurtured her gift all the way into college. Kelly attended Ringling College of Art & Design and today has her own business as a Live Event Painter. She travels to weddings all over Florida to paint that special moment as it happens. Kelly also uses her gift to worship God. As the Holy Spirit gives her guidance, she worships the Lord by painting what God shows her. When she is finished, her paintings often speak to the heart of those who see them bringing healing and peace.

Jon & Kelly have been married since 2013 and have two cats named Judah and Aria. Jon and Kelly both love to go on dates, hang out with family and friends, and watch a good movie. Jon also likes to play tennis, play board games, and travel. Kelly likes to cuddle with Judah, shop, and have one on one time with her girlfriends.