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   Vision & Mission

The mission is the guiding compass of the church.  It expresses direction and points everyone in that direction.  The mission is like a golden thread that weaves through every activity of the church.

At Crossings Community Church, our mission is to guide everyone we meet to live out their potential in Christ.



















Through our influence, we want to guide people to live out their potential in Christ.  We strive to live a life of excellence in Christ so that our testimony glorifies God before others.  As believers, we accept our responsibility to live a guiding lifestyle.  We invite people we meet to our worship services, Small Groups and into conversations about real life.


True worship can be expressed and experienced through music, service and by the way we live our lives.  At Crossings Community Church, we want worship to become a life experience.  We corporately gather as a celebration of worship on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.



At Crossings, one of the ways we encourage people to live out their potential in Christ is by joining a Small Group.  Our Small Groups meet weekly and emphasize spiritual growth, personal accountability, prayer and godly friendships.  At Crossings, we believe genuine relationships thrive through small groups as you meet in an environment where conversation and fellowship is welcomed.



The Bible says that each of us has something to give back.  We ask everyone who calls Crossings home to volunteer to serve at our church.  We offer multiple ministry opportunities from serving as a greeter on Sundays, to volunteering with our children & youth, to being elected as a board member for our church.


If you would like to find out how God has equipped you to serve within the church, please click here to take our spiritual gifts analysis.





TRUTH - Our source of authority and direction for life is the Bible.

Truth is demonstrated at Crossings by:

  •  Using scripture as a foundation for worship, preaching and teaching.
  • Centering all teaching ministries on a Bible-based curriculum.
  • Helping children learn and memorize Bible verses.
  • Demonstrating that the Bible is relevant for every kind of life situation.
  • Challenging people to consistently read their Bible and make life application.
  • Referring to scripture in conversations to instruct, correct, and encourage.
  • Using the Bible as a basis for our worldview.


LIFE TOGETHER - Building genuine relationships that experience life together.

Life Together is demonstrated at Crossings by:

  • Creating environments where individuals and families can build friendships.
  • Creating opportunities for new individuals and families to connect with the staff through fellowship.
  • Expecting members to reach out to and welcome individuals and families during our weekend services.
  • Encouraging new individuals and families to participate in Connecting With Crossings.
  • Making a concerted effort to get to know people's names.
  • Praying for people's needs and celebrating in their triumphs.
  • Encouraging individuals to join a small group.
  • Encouraging individuals to be accountable to one another.


PRAYER - Our means for discerning God's direction and will for our church.

Prayer is demonstrated at Crossings by:

  • Connecting with God through prayer during Worship.
  •  Teaching everyone how to pray.
  • Emphasizing the necessity of a consistent prayer life.
  • Providing organized opportunities to experience prayer together.
  • Starting and/or ending meetings and Small Groups in prayer.
  • Prioritizing the experience of prayer in all of our programs.
  • Fostering an atmosphere where prayer concerns are freely shared.
  • Designating a prayer coordinator for our church to carry the banner.


RELEVANCE - Connecting a complex and changing world with the timeless truths of God's Word

  • Relevance is demonstrated at Crossings by:
  • Developing sermon series that center on everyday life and relationship issues
  • Helping persons make appropriate real life application of sermons and Bible lessons.
  • Striving to meet the spiritual needs of each person regardless of marital status, family structure, life stage, race, and culture.
  • Attempting to stay on the cutting edge of programming, technology, and multi-media use in our ministry.
  • Offering an appropriate worship style.
  • Keeping our facilities fresh and up-to-date to enhance our ministry and facilitate growth.


LIFE CHANGE - Consistently making decisions that result in our daily surrender to God's will.

Life Change is demonstrated at Crossings by:

  • Intentionally communicating for life evaluation, life application, and life transformation.
  • Providing opportunities and resources that result in personal growth.
  • Baptizing believers as an outward expression of an inward decision.
  • Helping members find creative ways to express their story of life change.
  • Teaching the importance of properly aligned priorities.

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