Keith remembers that while in the third grade, he distinctly felt God's call upon his life for ministry. Although he loved God, he remembers that he was not excited about the idea of becoming a pastor when he grew up. Nevertheless, the call remained and grew stronger throughout his years of school. Upon graduating from high school, Keith entered college to begin preparing for full-time ministry. As it happens with so many young people while attending college, Keith recounts that one day a beautiful young woman caught his eye.  There was an immediate attraction, and Keith eventually asked Nora who would later become his wife, if she would go out with him. They were married later that year in August of 1972. They have a son and daughter and five great-grandchildren.

After Keith and Nora were married, he left college. Although Keith and Nora never strayed from God and remained active in church, Keith could never escape his call to ministry. Thirteen years later he returned to college to complete his education and prepare for full-time ministry. While in college, he served as a youth pastor for two years. Upon graduation, he pastored a church in Ohio for four and one-half years. Following that he pastored a church in Pennsylvania for ten years. Keith and Nora arrived in Lake Mary to begin pastoring Crossings Community Church the first Sunday of June 1998.

Keith and Nora love pastoring the Crossings congregation. They share that it has been and continues to be one of the most positive experiences of their ministry. It has been obvious that God has His hand of blessings upon the church and they are convinced that He has wonderful and exciting plans for the future of the congregation. They are honored and consider it a special privilege to be called pastor's and serve Crossing Community Church.

On a personal note, Keith enjoys woodworking and special home renovation projects. He also enjoys working in the yard and is trying to get back into fishing. He tried the usual preacher sport of golfing, but didn't do well. The last time he went golfing, while attempting to tee off, he drove the ball to the right and struck a man on the opposite fairway on the leg as he was putting on the green. At that, God decided to have mercy on golfers everywhere by delivering Keith from the desire to ever attempt golfing again! Other than watching the news and football, his favorite television program is M.A.S.H. reruns.


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