House flipping has almost become a form of day trading in the 2000’s. The real estate market has provided the opportunity for some to make money by buying a house on the cheap, make improvements and sell it again for a profit. The Bible tells us that our bodies become the temple of God. God wants to live in your house, but there are some thing we must do first to successfully flip our spiritual house.

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Most of us don’t have to use both our high and low beams on our cars and trucks since we drive mostly in the city.  But high and low beams were developed originally for a very specific purpose: low beams to focus downward, illuminating only the road in front of the car; the high beams purpose is good for seeing far down the unlighted road.  Notice that the Psalmist used light as a symbol of God’s guidance in his life Psalm 119:105.  The Psalmist acknowledges two beams to the Word of God, high and low beams, if you will: first, “a lamp unto my feet”; but second, a “light unto my path”.  Low beams: lamp unto my feet. High beams: light unto my path.  Does your life have high and low beams?

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Most everyone loves sweets. Children and adults have a sweet tooth. We love candy, but candy only satisfies temporarily. Before we know it, we’re longing for more. Christmas is truly the sweetest time of the year, full of special treats of every kind. This Christmas, we want to discover The Sweet Truth of Christmas and experience the lasting joy that only comes when we “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” 

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The Story is a total church thirty-one week walk through the Bible to discover God’s story. He want us to know His story.  We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we discover together how the Upper Story (God’s Story) impacts the lower story (our story).

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The term “bottom line” refers to a company’s net income or earnings per share. A company that is growing its net earnings or reducing its costs is said to be “improving its bottom line.” People are naturally concerned about the personal bottom line. As Christians, the Bible specifically tells how we can improve our bottom line and help advance God’s Kingdom. In this five part series, Pastor Keith will walk us through those steps.




"What did Jesus really mean when He said, "Follow Me"?

Two simple words that change everything. You will never be bored. You will    always have purpose. You will never lack joy. But it will cost you. This call is not an invitation to pray a prayer. It is a summons to lose your life.” In this nine part series, Pastor Keith will teach what Jesus actually calls us to do and the exciting transformation that will be the result.

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A lot of people think about, talk about and even dream about places where they would like to live. There are those special places that are so appealing! Where would that place be for you? As we move from those literal places to a spiritual place, could there be a more desirous place, a more appealing place than living your life everyday under the favor of God? Imagine what it would be like to live everyday individually, as a couple or family enjoying the favor of God! It’s possible! We can all live in that place! How do we get there?

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A Family Tree reveals a lot about that specific family.  In fact, many have done an exhaustive search to learn about their family tree. For some it’s just a matter of curiosity. For others, learning who’s in their family tree can create a sense of pride. Family tree’s represent legacy and legacies are developed each day we live our life. What will your family tree say about you? In this 11-part series, we will look at how to function in marriage and as a family so to have a positive and lasting impact on your family tree. 

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Education is a key component to enjoying success in life. In this four part series, we support the importance of education, while emphasizing that a higher education is found in the Bible. It is there that we find lessons that are crucial to our success in this life, while preparing us for eternity. Take your seat in the classroom at Crossings Community Church for four Sundays as we unwrap four key components of a “Higher Education.” 

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We know how we communicate. It is based on technology and communication technology continues to evolve every day. It would be hard to even imagine having to communicate the way people did a 100 years ago. With the rapid development of ways to communicate, God’s methods of communication have not changed. He’s beyond technology and still communicating in the same ways He always has. In this 6 part series, we’ll look at how God communicates so we can be equipped and prepared to benefit from the different ways He speaks into our life.

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There was a time in America when a woman would a bake delicious homemade pie and place it on an open window sill to cool. Stories were often told about the enticing aroma of the freshly baked pie drifting through the neighborhood. Now imagine an open window of heaven releasing bountiful blessings upon all those ready to receive them. God talks about just such a window. Under this open window is where God wants us every believer to live. 

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There are churches, and there are churches that are having an impact. Churches that are having an impact are churches that have a vision. Vision represents what God wants us to do as we continue to build His church in our community.  Vision represents what God wants us to do as we continue to build His church in our community.  In this series, we will use vision to look at where we are in our ministry at Crossings, and where we believe God is leading us in 2016 and beyond. 

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We have heard it said many times that “there is a battle being waged for the heart and mind of our kids.” Teenagers today face unprecedented pressure and temptations every day in almost every conceivable way. At Crossings, we love our teenagers and their families and we want to help them and equip them to win the battle being waged against them. Sunday is Student Ministry Sunday. Our youth band led the worship and Pastor Brad delivered the message.

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What we refer to as “Palm Sunday” was a unique and a special day in the life and ministry of Jesus. As He made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, it was a day of celebration, expectancy, and recognition. The path that led through Jerusalem was the same path that would lead Him to the cross. What happened that day in Jerusalem long ago contains important lessons for followers of Jesus today. 

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Think of all the things that impact people’s lives every day. From relationships, to work, education, income, sports, pleasure, choices, the list is long. All these things and more have varying degrees of impact on the people around you. Many allow these impacting forces to captivate their time, energy and resources. People are busy, caught up and consumed with things that have no eternal value. The thought of where they will spend eternity is not even on their radar. To combat those who are just oblivious to the reality of eternity, Jesus called His followers to live to have an impact.

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Are you a people pleaser? Are you concerned about, and do you work to gain people’s approval? Most would say no. But if we are honest, we can easily find ourselves caught up in trying to please others. Approval is important, but rather than seeking to please people, the Bible offers us a greater challenge. Check out these words from the Apostle Paul: “Now then, brothers and sisters, because of the Lord Jesus we ask and encourage you to excel in living a God-pleasing life even more than you already do. Do this the way we taught you”  1 Thessalonians 4:1 (GWT). What does that look like for each of us?

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What you believe drives everything. The way you behave, the habits you form, the character that defines you at your core---all driven by what you believe. So how strongly do we “believers” believe our beliefs? Can we articulate what we believe, and why it matters? This new study will do just that! The “Believe” experience helps Christians of all ages answer three significant questions: What do I believe? What should I do? Who am I becoming?

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Youth Sunday at Crossings! Pastor Brad reminded us to keep our eyes focused on God and our faith strong in His promises. We all have walls that are constructed in our lives that keep us from experiencing the blessings that God has for us but if we take our focus off of the wall and put it on the one that can tear it down that we'll experience the good God has for us.

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We were honored to have Pastor Hal Youngblood share God's word with us.  Pastor Hal reminded us that if we turn all of our cares and concerns over to God that He will take care of them because that is what He has promised to do.

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International missions is a big part of the heartbeat of Crossings. God has done and continues to do amazing things through our missions ministry and today's service was a testament to that. Members of our latest mission team shared their stories and testimonies from their latest trip to serve the people of Honduras.

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Thanksgiving has become so much more than its original purpose. Yes, it represents food and lots of it, but It also represents time off from work, travel, family, (did I mention food?) parades, football, food, Black Friday sales now on Thursday, and of course more good food and lots of it! It’s Interesting how much of our Thanksgiving celebration now has so little to do with being thankful.  The Bible calls upon Christians to be thankful. Not just once a year for a special celebration, but to be a regular expression of our faith experience. How do we do that?
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